Thank you for joining us in Orlando! We look forward to seeing
you at the 2017 National Principals Conference.

Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence
Baruti Kafele, Consultant and Author

Building a learning environment that inspires schoolwide excellence can never be overstated; particularly in lower-performing schools. School leaders will be challenged to look critically within themselves relative to how they inspire energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for learning. In his inimitable style, Kafele will lay out the touchstones for maintaining strong leadership habits, inspiring excellence and collaboration in others, and engaging an entire school community in striving to be the best.

Defying Myths in Rural Education
Daisy Dyer Duerr, NASSP Digital Principal and Consultant

Rural education leaders face authentic challenges daily. In this session we will address how to bring success to our rural schools—from creating a thriving Bring Your Own Device program to fostering a culture where education is essential in a community where most students will be the first to go to college in their family. Be prepared to leave this session and become a rural education success story.

Building Leadership in Yourself and Others
Major General Peggy C. Combs, U.S. Army, Fort Knox, KY

The role of the assistant principal continues to evolve into a leader who provides the vision, commitment, and experience to improve student achievement. Responsible for more than 1,000 Senior Army ROTC programs nationwide, Major General Peggy Combs knows exactly what it takes to effectively develop young leaders—while also excelling as a leader herself. Come to this session ready to learn the importance of critical thinking skills and how to get on the path to fully developing your role and improving your school.

The Knowledge, Courage, and Moral Imperative to Lead
Rick Wormeli, National Educational Consultant

Middle school students require informed leaders who provide developmentally appropriate learning. Come take a provocative look at what we know today about middle level learning and the leader’s role in making it happen. You’ll take a look at effective practices and build the courage to bring them to life in your building. This task calls for candor and a moral imperative to do what’s right by the next generation of amazing thinkers.

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At Ignite, the learning never stops.

Thought Leaders: Robert Putnam, PhD, Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University, and Sekou Andrews, poetic voice and inspirational speaker, will energize and inspire you to advance your career, students, and school.

School Showcase: Glean specialized knowledge from the administrators, teachers, and students from 18 high performing schools that are sustaining student-centered school improvement.

100th Anniversary Lunch Featuring Todd Whitaker and Rick Wormeli: Gear up for a no-holds-barred conversation with two education leaders as we celebrate 100 years of NASSP.